Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The SOTU address looked more like a "who-can-clap-first-and-loudest" PR stunt with king of double-speak at the helm.

I had to turn it off about the time GW began the lines about how many kids he's going to be helping this year. Excuse me you mean how many tax breaks you can give the 2% world's wealthiest folks? I'm sorry? You're not helping kids.

To watch his lying eyes and listen to his trained voice go all "soft" (which I'm sure takes hours practice each day) as though trying to pluck someone's f-ing heart strings was about my limit.

No, the limit might have been when he tells us all how important it is to revere human life and not throw it away--regarding abortion. Okay, unless it's to "help" other countries find "freedom" right? Then we can kill maim and destroy right and left. Sheesh, what would God think George, really!


Blogger Travis Dotson said...

You have to admit that the State of the Union Address is ALWAYS a pep rally, or clap-o-meter contest...

12:32 PM PST  

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