Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I'm pleased with myself for my last week's blog about the VW ads during the Olympics. It seems others are finally letting loose with their own blood-curdling screams of outrage ... This morning I received a link from The-Goddess reminding us that VW began on the slave-labor of Jews in concentration camps in Germany. Asking who would drive one--in spite of the hippie mystique-- she refers us to the thinking of Echidnes' (you'll need to scroll down) "VW the Sexist Car" Folks I think the hippie-loves-VW days are definitely OVER. VW unveiled it's new campaign for the GTI at the Playboy office in New York. Their ad is an attempt to clarify that, as the Bad Fem would agree, "manly-men" drive them while humiliating women.

Targeting men like this is one more way men are pressured to go against their loving, cooperative nature in order to avoid being attacked--an insidious form of homophobia.

Additionally, "We're going to celebrate our Germanness," said Kerri Martin, the director of brand innovation for Volkswagen of America in Auburn Hills, Mich. Well, there is some confusion as to what German means. If you lump all Germans in with Hitler, that's a huge mistake. So many Germans hid Jews during that era and fought hard against Hitler's regime. Many others, terrified and brutally attacked, couldn't figure out any other choice but to go along with the program. Germans, originally nature lovers at one time were treated as the "country bumpkins" of Europe. Hitler's deal was their retaliation or fight to prove they were not only Not country bumpkins but somehow superior. Another big mistake but another example of the oppressed becoming the oppressor.

Germans are human beings who have the holocaust in their history. But just as you and I did not and do not today wish to kill Indians for their land, we still benefit as white Americans by living on this land which still does not rightfully belong to us. Further, this country's wealth (happy Black History Month) was built upon the enforced servitude of African people. Today we enjoy the wealth they built for us. Anyway, regarding VW, Jews and thinking outside of the box, Shoah is the term many Jews would prefer to have used rather than holocaust, which by definition, implies some kind of God-given sanction on the murder of millions of Jews. Shoah means violence and hideou disaster--a more accurate description of something that senseless. I'm paraphrasing because I can't remember the rest. The day of the untidy blog.

I'm married to a German heritage man and I know that being German is not a crime in any way shape or form. My husband does carry some patterns that I find annoying and I can sometimes trace back to what I think are German origins such as a huge task-orientation rather than laid-back relaxed and sometimes his inability to have fun. But these are ways he got hurt by his group. There are many more brilliant ways he has overcome the patterns that got laid in for German-heritage folks. He would never hit me (and believe me I egg him on at times). He is very attentive, loving and thoughtful. He gets down on the floor and plays with the kids creating laughter and lighthearted fun. He has worked hard to dismantle the sexist conditioning he--like every male baby born on this planet--received from day one.

This gross ad campaign needs to be challenged. Their appeal to men is actually an oppression of men. The appeal says "this" is what a "real" man acts like and it's complete and utter BS.
No man has to act that way to be a real man. And the ones that do, how can we personally hold them accountable when the brainwashing that is going on by people with millions of dollars to spend on their propaganda run rampant??? (Surely that last question will get your attention.)

BTW-I'm reaching new heights in my learning curve as a blogger. Today I blogged about the blog I wrote last week and referred to the related blog about the blog of another blogger.


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