Monday, February 13, 2006

I probably shouldn't write before I've done my "morning pages" (three pages of longhand stream-of-consciousness writing) and I really need to be doing something else. But I can't help mentioning how disgusting I find the VW commercials during the Olympics. Talk about distress! I turn these off or fast forward them so my children don't see this stuff!

Personal training for males on the coolness of being sexist and for women on how to shut off our minds and go along with it.

In the brief seconds I had the commercial on, I saw a disregard for women. I saw the message that we're "in the way" and a bummer. I saw this guy (two different commercials with different guys) in isolate mode with a numbed out look on his face--an expression which said, "I'll run over your toe if you stop me from distracting myself from these god-awful feelings. Don't get in the way of me and my addictions!!" Maybe worse, the woman looked taken aback, surprised, off-center. Not the force to be reckoned with we are.

The commercial starts off innocently enough. A guy revving his motor and a woman about to get in. You hear this "click" as the locks go on and then figure out the guy was hurrying to prevent the woman from getting in. She's all "huh?" and he makes up some dumb lie about where he's going and why she shouldn't go with him. The latter is usually some derogatory reason like "the extra weight".

So, admittedly I am impatient with this. It's just like the new silkscreened t-shirts for kids at Target which say stupid things like "Take my sister, please." and other put-downs. We're putting these on on purpose? That's not right.

The impatience part doesn't work real well for being a counselor. My job is to counsel people not get angry for their confusion. Ah, well. Another session for me this morning.


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