Friday, February 10, 2006

I do use site meter (sorry about your privacy) but it helped me see how many government related hits I get to this site. Usually on days I've mentioned the word Islam or terrorist. I've noticed other bloggers with bloganoia today. And some dangerous bloggers too.
George, I think, needs some good sessions to access his innate intelligence (more than the usual couple hundred hours). What would that look like? A group of us counselors showing up at his office on a daily basis with a mega box of kleenex. At that point one of us would say, "George! Hand over the keys!" in a firm, yet cheerful tone. Setting limits with George might help pop open that buried reservoir of large explosive feelings he's been stuffing all these years.

And, oh yeah, you can try this at home.


Blogger Lily said...

I would like to chat with you sometime about this Connect process....

12:07 PM PST  
Blogger Sea's Blog said...

Thanks that'd be good!

12:44 PM PST  

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