Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Okay, okay, I actually have made a difference at the school. That's a good point. Any time you are in any situation as an ally to young people or teachers, you are making a huge difference. The clue is it *feels* like you're doing absolutely nothing. At that point you can say to yourself, "Self, I'm making huge difference here."

Besides the countless smiles and hellos and nice-to-see-yous I give out around there--which is huge remember, huge--a teacher did actually tell me last year around the black history month thing that (even though they wouldn't use my curriculum) I had started the idea for some of the older students to go into the preschool and do singalongs on honoring diversity.

The oppression wants us to think, "What's the use." It wants us to give up and walk away. When in actuality our love and our presence, our attention, our awareness all add up to voila! It's-a-wonderful-life kind of community! Oy, you might say.

Again, it is a recording, *not reality* whenever your mind wants to tell you it's pointless to show up.


Blogger Ta said...

I'm a school health doctor. I believe that by reaching out to the school children, we are creating a big difference on how the world behaves in the future.


p.s: sea, to comment on my doctrina blog, u need to be registered in the ekawan site.

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