Friday, October 07, 2005

When children have a good time with the attention of their parents or other adult ally, there is a point just at the end of the activity where they often burst into angry tears or a "fight" erupts. It looks like a petty cause of an ungrateful child and you may be tempted to take it personally

The opposite is true. You have just provided enough fun, relaxation and safety that the earlier upsets of the day (or even deeper older hurts) had a "space" a place to come up to the surface.

You did well.

Now, your job is to listen. I've learned to save a little energy and/or extra time after each trip to the park (and usually during a serene dinner) for tears and tantrums. The more relaxed and loving I can stay during the young person's cry and show of frustration, the bigger service I've provided.

Their lives take on a sparkle following this "special time" and resulting "session."


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