Tuesday, October 25, 2005

What I've been thinking about is there is a difference between being politically correct (PC) and being deeply connected to all humans. Respectful from a gut level emotionally intelligent place. The movie CRASH really exemplified that. In the movie, a white person with all good intentions to not act out racism ended up in a snap second decision-making moment (when they really didn't have a chance to get PC) acting out of conditioned terror of black people.

It's "nice" to be PC but it doesn't work ultimately. Ultimately as a PC white person you end up with no friends outside your group because they know it's a surface level thing. Some folks of color try to appreciate the fact you're being polite, kind etc. but trust me they see right through it to our racism. We don't grow up in this society--in a country built on the enforced servitude of African people and through attempted genocide of Native Americans in order to steal the land--and not walk away with a few racist patterns.

Listen to this. We never asked to be born into this scene and we weren't born racist. But racist beliefs and "patterns" have been instilled on us all from day one.

So, I'm suggesting that rather than try and be PC on top of a lot of misinformation, hurt and racist conditioning there needs to be an emotional process--one that goes deeper and actually deals with all those messages, and times we observed injustice but were powerless to stop it, etc


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