Monday, October 24, 2005

So, this feeling of being silly or stupid when you try to speak another language--what is that? That is the only thing in the way between you and making some really neat friends. By "you" I'm speaking to the English speaker, probably white middle class. Right this instant set aside any guilt you may be feeling about who you are. It's not helpful. Plus it's another thing that totally gets in the way of having friendships you could be having with people from different backgrounds than you.

PLEASE! Try speaking the language of those around you. Learn at least five words in Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Urdu, Russian, Ukrainian, etc. Start with learning five words of the language of someone you know you will run into this week.

You will surprise and delight neighbors and other folks who are so used to NONE of us TRYING!!! You think you feel silly, how do you think it feels to be in a new country and not know the language and have no one even acknowledge or try to speak to you. Silly on you is a good thing white friend. Plus, you will give Americans a better reputation. But maybe best of all this and the real reason I want you to do this is you get your lost HUMAN-NESS back. And beleive me, it's your birthright.


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